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fast ethernet versus gigibit ethernet in many node network

Mon Mar 26, 2018 3:01 pm

Any input in the discussion in regard the use of fast Ethernet / mixed Ethernet versus Gigabit only networks.
Any considerations or comments on multiple hop networks, even if the traffic is not needing more then 100Mbps?

My philosophy is to upgrade to Gigabit wherever we can, but at times it does give problems due poor cabling, poor connectors, poor switches or just not Gigibit able devices.
My technician believes if an AP only has little clients connected and maximum traffic never reaches 100mb there is little need to upgrade to Gigabit equipped devices.
I am more on the believe that if we make sure the path from end to beginning (client to gateway) is super fast (Gigabit everywhere) we have less issues with possible delays somewhere down the road.. so the latency stays better, even in close to the 100Mbps regions...

Special if we have multiple wireless link path (some parts of our network sees the client's traffic travel over up to 4 wireless links and 12-14 routers before it reaches the gateway and vice versa.)
Example: If we have one AP serving 20 clients that combined never demand more then 100Mb of traffic but that AP is connected by these 4 wireless NV2 links and several routers with several fast Ethernet (or some Gigabit) connections in between them, would it improve if all Ethernet would be lifted to Gigabit or not? I would say yes, but not everybody would agree on that?
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