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Quickset for setting up APs without routing

Sun Apr 01, 2018 9:15 pm

To make setting up devices like the cAP and wAP series easier in an environment with multiple APs behind a gateway, I think it would be beneficial to have an option in quickset that does the following

-Create a bridge
-Add bridge ports for all LAN and WLAN interfaces
-Add an IP to the bridge for management purposes, with default route and DNS (Optionally, DHCP client instead)
-Configure both WLAN interfaces individually (SSID, frequency, band, country, WiFi Password), but have an option to enable or disable each WLAN interface in case the user only wants to transmit on 5GHz or only 2.4GHz
-System Password

This is something I often do manually and it takes me very little time and it would take even less time if I bothered to make a script I can modify and import! However, customers looking at Mikrotiks as alternatives to products like the Ubiquiti UniFi series may have trouble wrapping their heads around the bridging right away since it's something many products do for you. The name of "Home AP Dual" quickset option seems to be a bit misleading and I think should be renamed to something like "Home WiFi Router" or something similar, with my proposed config being called something along the lines of "Standalone WiFi AP".
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Re: Quickset for setting up APs without routing

Sun Apr 01, 2018 10:54 pm

WISP-AP mode doesn’t do want you want.

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