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CRS317 Loop though

Thu Apr 05, 2018 10:06 pm

So I have a device that is a layer2 packet analyses. The issue I have is I have a PAIR of 10gig interfaces that I need to loop though this unit. We have choose to use a CRS317 to do that, so ports 15/16 are plugged into the 10gig layer2 analyses box. The issue, is that I need to take a VLAN, say vlan1000 in on another spf+ port, then out on port 15. Then I need to change that TAG to say vlan2000 and then send it to another port. Plus I really need to send two vlans and adjust them. We are on the current production release, 6.41.3, but I don't see a method of doing this in hardware. Everything states use ingress-filtering but there is NO option for that!

Furthermore, if i put port 15/16 in the same bridge group, to get hardware offloading, one goes to backup as the layer2 device is just like a switch.

So how would one do this?
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