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Is this order of simple queues optimal?

Thu Apr 19, 2018 8:58 am

I have the following setup, the goal is to prioritize a particular multicast stream on the link so that in case of congestion it would get through without hiccups:
/queue simple
add max-limit=190M/190M name=parf_all queue=default/default target=vlan2506
add max-limit=190M/190M name=parf_iptv packet-marks=parf_iptv_pkt parent=parf_all priority=8/7 queue=default/default target=vlan2506
add max-limit=190M/190M name=parf_rest parent=parf_all queue=default/default target=vlan2506
parf_all is the parent queue, parf_iptv is a child queue with a higher priority and parf_rest is a "catch-all" queue dealing with the rest of traffic on that link.

Is my order of queues OK or should they be rearranged in a different order to ensure optimal traffic processing? Or does it matter at all here? Thanks.

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