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Need Recommendation

Mon Nov 08, 2004 2:43 am

Hi all,

I've just bought a Zyxel B1000 V2 and a 180 directional antenna to do some testing. I'm trying to setup a hotspot network which will allow users to roam from one ap to another (the Zyxel Allows this). I am using Mikrotik to do the Hotspot side of things, ie giving out ip's, accounting, authentication etc.

Now, I have hit a problem in that from the wireless side I can sniff far too much of my network info (I have another network running over this too). So I'm looking to create a bridged VPN from the wireless side of the AP to the mikrotik box. I've realised I can't do this with the kit I have so was thinking of a RouterBoard, but I need recommendations on what I should buy. The network design is as follows:

2.4 Client - 2.4 AP - LAN - 5.8Ghz SU - 5.8Ghz AP - Mikrotik Hotspot Box

At present the entire network is bridged. Now this is what I think I need to do:

IP/Auth done from Hotspot bot thru VPN - 2.4 Client
Bridged VPN Start Point - 2.4 AP
Invisible to Client - 5.8G SU
Invisible to Client - 5.8 AP
VPN Endpoint - Mikrotik Hotspot Box

I think the requirements are as follows:

* 2.4G AP
* Roaming Capability - To allow clients to move around unhindered
* Built in Router to block all other traffic getting to the wireless side
* VPN Capable to allow me to create a VPN tunnel from the 2.4AP to the mikrotik box. (Must be bridged so client can get IP from mikrotik box)
* Minimal Cost.

I could of course just use the AP to do the hotspot auth, but I need to have a single box in control of the whole lot for bandwidth management issues.


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Tue Nov 09, 2004 11:46 am

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