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RB1100AHx2 bridge HW-offload issue

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 3:26 pm
by oreggin

I have an RB1100AHX2 and I would like to use it as desktop switch with hw-offload to save CPU. It works fine with vlan filtering but it disables hw-offload on all bridge port. If I disable vlan filtering (RSTP or none) then hw-offloading automatically enabled on all ports but forwarding not works between ether10 (root port with all vlan tagged) and designated egde ports (native vlans) however forwarding works between designated ports under same vlan. L3 Vlan interfaces (Vlan801,Vlan808) can't reachable from hosts on designated ports too.

Any hints?

Thanks and regards,

Config is:
[oreggin@sw1.room2052] > interface bridge export
# jun/29/2018 14:18:39 by RouterOS 6.42.5
# software id = XXXX-XXXX
# model = 1100AHx2
# serial number = XXXXXXXXXXXX
/interface bridge
add arp=disabled fast-forward=no name=LAN vlan-filtering=yes
/interface bridge port
add bridge=LAN interface=ether6 pvid=801
add bridge=LAN interface=ether7 pvid=808
add bridge=LAN interface=ether8 pvid=808
add bridge=LAN interface=ether9 pvid=801
add bridge=LAN interface=ether10
add bridge=LAN interface=ether1 pvid=854
add bridge=LAN interface=ether2 pvid=808
add bridge=LAN interface=ether3 pvid=808
add bridge=LAN interface=ether4 pvid=808
add bridge=LAN interface=ether5 pvid=808
/interface bridge vlan
add bridge=LAN tagged=ether10 vlan-ids=81
add bridge=LAN tagged=ether10,LAN untagged=ether6,ether9 vlan-ids=801
add bridge=LAN tagged=ether10,LAN untagged=ether2,ether3,ether4,ether5,ether7,ether8 vlan-ids=808
add bridge=LAN tagged=ether10 untagged=ether1 vlan-ids=854
add bridge=LAN untagged=LAN,ether10 vlan-ids=1
[oreggin@sw1.room2052] > interface vlan export  
# jun/29/2018 14:18:40 by RouterOS 6.42.5
# software id = XXXX-XXXX
# model = 1100AHx2
# serial number = XXXXXXXXXXXX
/interface vlan
add interface=LAN name=Vlan801 vlan-id=801
add interface=LAN name=Vlan808 vlan-id=808
[oreggin@sw1.room2052] >

Re: RB1100AHx2 bridge HW-offload issue  [SOLVED]

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 8:15 pm
by CZFan

Re: RB1100AHx2 bridge HW-offload issue

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 2:00 pm
by oreggin
Hi CZFan!

Thanks for pointing on that page. I read many times that wiki but all the times many inline "pre-v6.41", and "post-v6.41" are totally confused me, but I think I harvested the essence and now it works. As it depends on architecture, on RB1100AHx2 between ether1-5 and ether6-10 in the same vlan, forwarding is made by HW, and between the two switch group packets forwarded by CPU.
Maybe that wiki would be more understandable if totally separate into two, "pre-v6.41" and "post-v6.41" sections.

Best regards,

Final config:
[oreggin@sw1.room2052] > interface bridge export
# jul/03/2018 12:14:59 by RouterOS 6.42.5
# software id = XXXX-XXXX
# model = 1100AHx2
# serial number = XXXXXXXXXXXX
/interface bridge
add name=LAN
/interface bridge port
add bridge=LAN interface=ether1
add bridge=LAN interface=ether2
add bridge=LAN interface=ether3
add bridge=LAN interface=ether4
add bridge=LAN interface=ether5
add bridge=LAN interface=ether6
add bridge=LAN interface=ether7
add bridge=LAN interface=ether8
add bridge=LAN interface=ether9
add bridge=LAN interface=ether10
[oreggin@sw1.room2052] > interface ethernet export
# jul/03/2018 12:15:52 by RouterOS 6.42.5
# software id = XXXX-XXXX
# model = 1100AHx2
# serial number = XXXXXXXXXXXX
/interface ethernet switch port
set 0 default-vlan-id=854 vlan-header=always-strip vlan-mode=secure
set 1 default-vlan-id=808 vlan-header=always-strip vlan-mode=secure
set 2 default-vlan-id=808 vlan-header=always-strip vlan-mode=secure
set 3 default-vlan-id=808 vlan-header=always-strip vlan-mode=secure
set 4 default-vlan-id=801 vlan-header=always-strip vlan-mode=secure
set 5 default-vlan-id=801 vlan-header=always-strip vlan-mode=secure
set 6 default-vlan-id=808 vlan-header=always-strip vlan-mode=secure
set 7 default-vlan-id=808 vlan-header=always-strip vlan-mode=secure
set 8 default-vlan-id=801 vlan-header=always-strip vlan-mode=secure
set 9 default-vlan-id=1 vlan-header=add-if-missing vlan-mode=secure
set 10 default-vlan-id=1 vlan-header=add-if-missing vlan-mode=secure
set 11 default-vlan-id=1 vlan-header=add-if-missing vlan-mode=secure
/interface ethernet switch vlan
add independent-learning=yes ports=ether10,switch1-cpu switch=switch1 vlan-id=1
add independent-learning=yes ports=switch2-cpu switch=switch2 vlan-id=1
add independent-learning=yes ports=ether2,ether3,ether4,switch2-cpu switch=switch2 vlan-id=808
add independent-learning=yes ports=ether7,ether8,ether10,switch1-cpu switch=switch1 vlan-id=808
add independent-learning=yes ports=ether6,ether9,ether10,switch1-cpu switch=switch1 vlan-id=801
add independent-learning=yes ports=switch2-cpu switch=switch2 vlan-id=81
add independent-learning=yes ports=ether10,switch1-cpu switch=switch1 vlan-id=81
add independent-learning=yes ports=ether1,switch2-cpu switch=switch2 vlan-id=854
add independent-learning=yes ports=switch2-cpu,ether5 switch=switch2 vlan-id=801
add independent-learning=yes ports=ether10,switch1-cpu switch=switch1 vlan-id=854
[oreggin@sw1.room2052] >

Re: RB1100AHx2 bridge HW-offload issue

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 2:28 pm
by Samot
There doesn't need to be another page. From 6.41 and up the Layer2 switching is done via the Bridge interface. So when it says "Pre-6.41" that means "Do this if you are not on 6.41 or higher" and when it says "Post-6.41" that means "Do this is you're running 6.41 or higher". Using examples and setup configs for Pre-6.41 isn't correct since you're on 6.42.5.

There is also a chart on that page that shows when HW-Offloading is disabled on which models/chipsets. In your case VLAN Filtering turns OFF hw-offload. Even the newer replacement, the AHx4, can't support VLAN Filtering in hw-offload. The only one that can do that is the CRS3XX series.

Bottom line, the RB100AH (any version) is not meant to be just a switch. If you're looking for better performance for switching then I'd recommend getting an actual switch or something like the CRS series that is designed for this.

Re: RB1100AHx2 bridge HW-offload issue

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 3:02 pm
by oreggin
Dear Samot,

Thanks for your answer but I think you totally misunderstand me. I didn't wrote that there would need another page. Instead it would be clearer if it is more sectioned and not mixing switching/bridging/L3Interface configs around pre-v6.41 and post-v6.41.
In the past I used pre-v6.41 with "masterport" without any problem, and it was clear, how to configure it. Later comes v6.41, and the cause of my misunserstand is the hybrid phase where I must configure Vlans on switch and need to be add ports to a bridge in the same time and the issue of switch[12]_cpu interfaces. It would be clearer if only need to add ports to bridge and specify Vlans under bridge too, not under switch. This would be appreciated and I think MT is working on this.
I won't buy CRS3xx as I totally satisfied the performance provided my RB1100AHx2 after I found the hybrid solution mentioned before. I can live without IGMP snooping and MSTP.
After that I have no problem with performance between switchgroup, I just mention that for forum members who interested on it.

Kind regards,