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Feature request: better webui or APP for kid control

Mon Jul 09, 2018 6:59 pm

I'm using 'tiks for CPE routers and kid control is an awesome feature. I'd really like a much better webui for it though, or maybe a smartphone AP.

It's not intuitive at all to add a device to a kid. I'd like some add buttons or something in the device list to make this actually easy.

Also, a calendar selector, the date formware 'tik uses isn't friendly to non-admins.

finally, the 'pause' feature doesn't work as you'd expect. if I 'pause' a kid, it instantly suspends their devices because I'm 'pausing the kid'. That's fine, but I need to 'suspend kid control' for x amount of time so a kid can ask a parent to use a device outside of hours. There is 'disable' which does the task, but the UI is really ugly there and it's super easy to just delete the kid.

in a nutshell, a family/parent friendly webui.

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