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Set up a redundancy network.

Mon Jul 30, 2018 10:13 am

Hi everyone.
I'm trying to create a redundancy network using mikrotik products as a image attached below.
Because of the lack of knowledge I still do not have a clear picture of what configuration should I have to configure.
For now:
- I want to load balancing 3 WANs on each router, create 4 vlans using VRRP to load balance between 2 routers (2 vlans will access internet via router 1 and 2 vlans will access internet via router 2).
- I have read some topics about VRRP but all of them just configure VRRP on router and there is nothing on switch. Which made I confused now is what should I configure on the orange area of my topology (Switch side).
I would appreciate to hearing your opinion.
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