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Installer Hand Tool

Fri Aug 03, 2018 2:25 pm

Has anyone developed any kind of handheld tool to meter align up CPE's?

This could be something similar to a Satellite Meter or CCTV Meter with an LCD touch screen, with Android OS with the Tik App / other network tools, speedtest etc.. running on it.
If a company hires staff to do installs, maybe create an App with wireless signal skins only to hide sensitive passwords etc...

PDA device so the installer can sign off on jobs after completion integrated with stripe / pay pal for recurring payments.
A Job sheet that the client can digital sign to say they are 100% happy with the completed installation.
The installer can sync the device or email the job-sheet to the company.

It should have a waterproof case made of rubber with a neck / back strap and be able to be held in one hand comfortable, allowing a free hand to adjust CPE.
It should also be able to power up the CPE like a powerbank.

If the power supply cant fit into a handheld device then maybe the power source can be located on a strap that you wear separate and plugs into the device.

This would save a lot of time, I currently run a power extension lead outside from the house to an AP with a long cat5e cable up to the CPE and align it with my phone connected to the AP using the Tik App on my phone.

I think we need a professional looking meter to help installers, as the saying goes "you're only as good as your tools"

Anyone else have anything to add?
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Re: Installer Hand Tool

Sat Aug 04, 2018 12:53 am

Its developed a lot of tools and devices for this purpose. You can use a script that make sounds if signal strength goes up. We also have devloped a device that have poe and a signal meter displayed on lcd. Its a lot of options - but no mainstream solution from mikrotik.

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