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Problem with l2tp and pppoe server on both ends

Thu Oct 25, 2018 9:49 pm

recently i've conected one remote location of my wisp company with my core network via l2tp. The problem is that when vpn is connected everything blocks, my network became transparent on both ends i can see all of the devices, of the remote location on my core location from winbox neighbours, and the pppoe clients can see both of pppoe servers (even the pppoe server on both ends became transparent...) the only reason that i need vpn is to connect internaly for my radius intercomm... any thoughts?
Is came to my attention that when i enable the l2tp-out1 on my remote loc. on my core network router in bridge i see root port my l2tp from the other end...
thanks alot Ilias
Ilias Theodosis
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