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Hotspot Issues (blocks devices traffic) randomly

Sat Nov 03, 2018 11:41 pm


With the hot-spot enabled these device cannot ping (default gateway ip / hotspot server) or anything passed the hotspot router to the internet. The devices can however ping other devices on the network.
Devices that are in the bypass list with a *static DHCP* have the same issue.
I can ROMON to the guest routers from the hotspot.

If i disable the Hotspot and re-enable everything works as required. This issue randomly happen and has happened historically on 3 different hardware types when it was a RB450 upgraded to a RB850 now we use and RB1009. The same configurations was used for all 3 upgrades.

Next time it happens I will romon to different devices and see it the are all having the same problems.

Thoughts and Thanks


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