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ISP Setup

Mon Nov 12, 2018 8:29 am

We are currently providing Cable TV using FTTH and have about 1000 customers. We are planning to provide Broadband using the Fibre by getting bandwidth from RailTel.
Is it possible to create ISP setup using Microtik?
How many routers are needed, model name and what will be the cost ?
We need the user management, bandwidth control and other features in the router.
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Re: ISP Setup

Mon Nov 12, 2018 9:02 am

In Business Case you will find your answer here:
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Re: ISP Setup

Sun Nov 18, 2018 3:26 pm


PM me and I'll help you.


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Re: ISP Setup

Mon Nov 19, 2018 6:21 am

Mistry7 is right. In case of business, you need reliability and you should hire professional engineer for such task. You can't possibly depend on random people guiding you over forum. (remember - it is your money and your reputation. If things go wrong, customers never accept "its not my fault" excuse, even if it is true)

About your questions:
Is it possible to create ISP setup using Microtik?
Yes it is possible. I have seen many - small or big, wireless or fiber.
How many routers are needed, model name and what will be the cost ?
That depends on many factors. If anyone gives you answer straight away without trying to understand your situation, it will most probably be a wrong advice.
Main factors to consider are:
  • amount of customers on the new service
  • typical customer speed
  • typical total (uplink) speed,
  • type of connection (pppoe? l2tp? pptp? vlan?)
Once there is some HW suggestion, you can find approximate price in USD on the list of products.

For example my current provider has several thousands customers connected with Fiber-to-the-Premises / Fiber-to-the-Node infrastructure. They offer 50/20Mbit to 1000/400Mbit connections with following setup:
  • 1*CCR1072 as main router to distribute traffic between sub-routers and uplink (total uplink is around 2Gbps of aggregated traffic with occasional peaks)
  • several CCR1036 as sub-routers. Each serves around 300 customers with public IP and 300 customers behind CGNAT.
  • last mile connection is contracted by third party so they do not have any fiber splitters/switches.
  • main router and all sub-routers have around 10% CPU utilization in peak so they should be able to handle much more connections.
  • every user is represented as VLAN interface (VLAN tags are injected by CPE fiber modem) and has shaped bandwidth according to purchased speed.
  • provisioning is fully automated by scripts and API so customers just register on the website and their connection is ready within few minutes.
I guess thats all I can share about them :lol: if you got any specific questions, I will be happy to answer.

ps: there is no PM functionality on this forum... not really sure what amity2kare expects you to do...

ps2: with mikrotik, there is this great advantage of having same system on all devices. You can actually design and start your service on small cheap router and as you grow, you just buy bigger
(and more expensive) model and just copy the config from old to new one...
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Re: ISP Setup

Tue Nov 20, 2018 7:01 pm

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