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CSS326 keeps losing connection

Wed Dec 05, 2018 6:56 am

I have a CCR1009+ CRS328+CSS326 system. both CRS328 and CSS326 connect to the CCR1009 directly. What I found is that every morning, if I plug my laptop to the CSS326, it gets no internet while I have interent if I plug to CRS328. And if you unplug the power and then re-plug it for CSS326, it is back to normal.

There is no special setting on CSS326, just use as unmanaged Switch.

Anyone who experience the same problem ? Any solution/suggestion ?

One more quesiton: which way to connect the two switch is better ? - connect directly to the router or connect CRS328 to CCR1009 and connect CSS326 to CRS328 ?

Thank you in advance !

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