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How to make webui listen on multiple IPs

Wed Dec 05, 2018 3:17 pm

Hi, Im trying to setup a device for the purpose of testing firewall settings on another device. What Im looking for is the ability to have a web ui running on multiple ip addresses on the same mikrotik device for the purpose of testing (many) port forwarding rules. So for example from outside firewall I would want to enter the following into a browser
and each one would load a web interface because the test device would have a web ui on on port 80 with the appropriate NAT rules

Additionally Im open to other suggestions the web ui does not have to be the mikrotik webfig ui i just figured that would be easiest. If there is the ability to load a static HTML page that would be even better or a dynamic page that prints out something to the affect of "Success on port 5001" but from my research it seems this is not a feature.

|Host outside|
|of firewall |
 |Test Device|

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Re: How to make webui listen on multiple IPs

Wed Dec 05, 2018 5:06 pm


If you want to test forwarding, then you would want to distinguish the different targets from each other I guess? So that would mean a different page for each forward. A simple / static page on bare minimum http server would suffice. Grab any linux distro and start some instances of httpd / lighttpd / ... with different index.html pages.

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