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PPPoE on switch that is not the router

Tue Dec 18, 2018 5:35 am

I have a RB1100AHx4 setup as a router and on it I have PPPoE server configured, the server communicates with a FreeRadius server on another Linux machine which checks authentication and returns the Framed_IP-address ( the assigned Public IP ), t has been working for sometime like this.

I now need to have a router with a SFP cage and module, I have such a router but it does not have the power to handle the number of PPPoE users, so I thought of using the existing AHx4 router just as a switch connected to the new router running as a PPPoE server to handle the PPPoE users. it authenticates the users and under ppp Connections and /IP addresses shows the user as connected, however it does not route to the router, so there is no connection to the internet.

If I put a route in AHx4 such as /ip routes gateway 172.16.x.x ( Local address ), some newer routers that show the correct gateway address will connect but some older routers that show an incorrect gateway will not connect to the internet, these older routers will connect fine when the AHx4 is the router.

Can anybody help.
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Re: PPPoE on switch that is not the router

Wed Dec 19, 2018 12:13 pm

upload here your config to help you
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