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Help about Mikrotik Redundancy (Not VRRP)

Sun Dec 30, 2018 6:25 pm

as you can see in graph i want put 2 seprate router (1x ccr 1036-8g-2s+ & 1x ccr 1036-12g-4s ) with 2 seprate core switch. and i have 4 rack . so my racks has 2 uplink, one of them is connected to first core switch and second one is connected to secon core switch.
also my routers have same config and both of them has bgp with my datacenter switch/router and the only things that is difference between them is managemnet ip.
so in case of failure of a core switch or a router then my second path help me.
so i want know your idea about my diagram the only bad things is i should put configs in both routers and core switches. any idea about this diagram is it good? is it bad ? why ? do you know any better idea?
thank you.
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