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Feature Request - Layer2 bonding hash policy modification to include MPLS label

Sun Jan 06, 2019 4:43 am

The following is a simple diagram of the network in question

LSR -> Mikrotik CRS-305 -> 2 x 1G uW bonded -> Mikrotik CRS 305 -> LSR

The topology includes 2 1Gbps microwaves connected using a bond on 305's, the LSRs are connected via 10G to the 305. The goal is to increase throughput past 1G between the LSRs. The problem is, since all traffic between the LSRs has the same layer 2 header, the second uW never gets selected for load sharing. This is (of course) expected behavior. However, if the bond on the 305s was capable of evaluating the MPLS label and using that as a hash, it would be able to use the member interfaces in the bonded path. The alternative is to set the interfaces to balance-rr, but unfortunately, I lose LACP checks and hardware offloading.
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