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PPPOE drops - Mikrotik and Draytek in bridge mode

Mon Jan 07, 2019 2:41 am


Just wondering if anyone else has had issues using Mikrotik devices behind Draytek routers set in bridge mode?

I was having issues recently and initially thought the ISP was to blame, but it looks like the Draytek and Mikrotik don’t play nicely.

With a Hap lite router connected to a Draytek 2820 in bridge mode, the PPPoE session would drop at an average 1 hour. This would vary a little but all in all around an hour.

With a RB750Gr3 hEX connected to the same Draytek, the sessions were dropping every 1 and 20 seconds.

Change the Draytek for a billion 7401 in bridge mode and no more drops. Connection up 2 days now.

Also using the Draytek in routed mode, taking the Mikrotik out of the equation, again no more drops.

Hoping someone may have had this issue before. It’s rather puzzling.

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