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DHCPv6 pd with radius

Mon Jan 07, 2019 1:29 pm

I can't get DHCPv6 to work with radius.
Long story short :
- I have a working setup with use-radius=no. The client gets its prefix and a dynamic route is added in the server.
- once I set use-radius=yes, all happens as expected except for one thing : the route added by the DHCPv6 server has no gateway (it reads ":: unreachable").

More details :
Both routers are Mikrotik routers running v6.43.8.

RouterA (server):
/add interface=bridge name=vlan1000 vlan-id=1000
/ipv6 dhcp-server add interface=vlan1000 lease-time=10m name=dhcp-vlan1000 use-radius=yes
/radius add service=dhcp address=x.x.x.x secret=**** src-address=x.x.x.x

RouterB (client):
/ipv6 dhcp-client add interface=bridge-wan request=prefix pool-name=dhcp-pool add-default-route=yes
/ipv6 address add address=::1 from-pool=dhcp-pool interface=bridge-lan

Radius :


With such configuration :
- the client gets it's /56 prefix and assigns a /64 to the lan :
interface=bridge-wan status=bound duid="0x000300016c3b6beexxxx" dhcp-server-v6=fe80::66d1:54ff:fe1d:xxxx request=prefix add-default-route=yes default-route-distance=1 use-peer-dns=yes pool-name="dhcp-pool" pool-prefix-length=64 prefix-hint=::/0 dhcp-options="" prefix=2axx:xxxx:1::/56, 5m5s
- RouterA(server) shows the binding:
RD address=2axx:xxxx:1::/56 duid="0x6c3b6beexxxx" iaid=23 server=dhcp-vlan1000 life-time=10m active-server=dhcp-vlan1000 status=bound expires-after=7m58s last-seen=2m2s dhcp-option=""
- an incomplete route is added on RouterA :
DS dst-address=2axx:xxxx:1::/56 gateway=:: gateway-status=:: unreachable distance=1 scope=30 target-scope=10

When I set use-radius=no address-pool=mypool on the dhcp server and reload the dhcp-client, it works as expected :
- the client gets it's /56 prefix and assigns a /64 to the lan (no visible difference)
- the server shows the binding:
D address=2axx:xxxx:1::/56 duid="0x6c3b6beexxxx" iaid=23 server=dhcp-vlan1000 life-time=10m prefix-pool=pool6-c1000 active-server=dhcp-vlan1000 status=bound expires-after=6m43s last-seen=3m17s dhcp-option=""
- a route is added on RouterA :
ADS dst-address=2axx:xxxx:1::/56 gateway=fe80::6e3b:6bff:feee:xxxx%vlan1000 gateway-status=fe80::6e3b:6bff:feee:xxxx%vlan1000 reachable distance=1 scope=30 target-scope=10

Any idea what's going wrong ?
Did someone get it to work and with which configuration?

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