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EoIP vlan issue

Thu Jan 10, 2019 1:52 pm

Hi Guys

So i've got an EoIP tunnel sucessfully configured across an l2tp ipsec site to site VPN. This is for office to home use.
Its configured as follows:
vpn local remote
eoip configured for these addresses (loopback)

Office (windows active directory domain)
Bridge ( with all ports added and EoIP tunnel
vlan filtering enabled pvid=3, tagged: EoIP tunnel, untagged: bridge and ports (for now).

Bridge ( with all ports and EoIP added
vlan filtering enabled pvid=1, untagged: bridge, tagged: port 2
vlan 3 = tagged: bridge, port 2, EoIP tunnel
both vlans go through a switch on port 2.
vlan 1 feed my lan
vlan 3 from the EoIP is tagged to an ubiquiti WAP where i have a wireless network setup on vlan 3.

Static routes:
work: - VPN interface
home: - VPN interface

Everything works and can communicate except...
I can join the wifi network and i successfully get a lease from the domain controller.
i can access the internet and confirm the external ip is that of the office.
The problem is i cannot access either LAN. ping doesnt get through, i cant access the routers, nothing.
im probably missing something simple here and believe it is down to routes or the domain controller but im stumped after 3 days of trying.
traffic gets through for the wan just not for local.

Any help most appreciated.
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Re: EoIP vlan issue  [SOLVED]

Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:20 pm

So now I feel like a right...
Decided to add a port to the bridge and test it wired..
Full comms.
Turns out it was a dodgy ssid on the ubiquiti, deleted it and re-added and it’s fine

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