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good night,
I have 2 adsl links, I want to make a failover when the link is high latency or packet loss. Rb changes the link, but I also need the 2 links to be active because as backup link has real ip, I need the input to be active . How do I do this setup?
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Re: Failover

Fri Jan 11, 2019 6:37 pm

It's a best practice as an ISP to not allow traffic to ingress it's side of the interface with an IP that shouldn't be there. In other words you "shouldn't" be able to send egress traffic out the second ADSL link with the source IP of the first ADSL link. This is described in BCP38. You may be able to work with the ISP(s) to allow that use case. The standard and normalized way to do this would be to use BGP between the 2 services. That requires your own IP space or if the ADSL is from 2 providers you will need them to agree to use one of the two "provider assigned" addressing.

It is possible to "load balance" egress IPv4 traffic outbound fairly easily with NAT. I think k you are worried about inbound services as well which adds extra complexity to get the business outcome you're after.

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