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Powerbox pro poe out very slow!

Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:20 am

Hi all,
I have a powerbox pro, and connect APs(Mikrotik, Cisco, Rukus etc..) and CCTV.
This device's poe mode is auto-on.
But, It takes a long time to supply power. Some machine takes a few minutes.
I send mail with rif files to support team and receive response that say please upgrade ROS version.
So, I upgrade latest ROS version and firmware.

But, the problem still appear and send to support team again.
They said 'This issue may be possible with hEX PoE, PowerBox Pro, and OmniTik devices.'

So, I request to fix it in last year, but waiting until now.

Do you have any solution about this?
I can't use poe-mode to forced-on for safety.
I need auto-on mode.


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