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Feature Request: Mikrotik TR069 ACS

Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:11 pm

With Mikrotik adding TR069 support to RouterOS, I think there's a good opportunity for Mikrotik to create a basic TR069 server that could run on RouterOS/CHR. The options for a free TR069 ACS are not great right now and the quotes I've got from a few vendors offering commercial TR069 could be expensive for small ISPs that are just starting out. Right now I see a lot of ISPs using Cambium cnPilot and Ubiquiti airCubes because they support being centrally managed with no extra licensing. Mikrotik hardware is far cheaper and a lot more flexible.

To go with that, there should also be a much easier way to make a configuration survive a factory reset. Right now, we're forced to use netinstall to apply a default configuration that can get online with a a generic PPPoE account or DHCP and download a configuration. If there was some way to mass netinstall or have a router apply a new default configuration from a USB stick, it would really help reduce a lot of tedious work.

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