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Anyone using Solarwinds NCM? Injecting garbage into backups

Tue Feb 05, 2019 6:56 am

We're trialing Solarwinds Network Configuration Manager but i'm noticing it's just not playing ball with MikroTik. It all seems good from the outside but I notice it's regularly throwing garbage characters into the backup files, both corrupting them and causing lots of diffs when nothings changed

add bridge="Client PPPoE Bridge" horizon=10 [minterface=\
24:18:1D:54:6B:B9 server=[mXanDHCP
add dead-interval=4s hello-interval=1s interface=ether1 network-type=[34;1m\

It's injecting '[m' and other garbage that begins with [ into random area's of the config. Then the next backup won't have these (or will have them in different area's of the config) causing a diff

If anyone is using NCM are you getting these problems? Do you have a particular set of settings to make it work properly? Any config template edits etc?

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