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github and other ips are unreachable while most are fine

Wed Feb 06, 2019 10:41 pm

TL;DR: I can't access and some other addresses, not even by ping, but I can through a VPN. Most of other addresses are fine. The DNS is being resolved, no problem there. Why is that and how can I solve this?

So, I was having some problems with the lack of configuration on my old router and I decided to buy a hAP ac^2. I'm quite new to RouterOS and have basic networking knowledge. Configured it and was using normally for a month now, but I recently came across this problem where some websites do not load, so I tried pinging them and I get
Destination host unreachable
Same problem with all other devices on the network. If I connect to a VPN they work fine. When pinging, the DNS gets resolved correctly.

The router configuration is attached

My setup is the following: an ONU router from my ISP that converts fiber to ethernet and does the PPPoE. The hAP ac2 is set in the DMZ of the ONU router and goes to a switch that distributes throughout the house.

Can someone help me understand why is that happening and how can I solve it?

PS: My first post here, so if I posted in the wrong section please let me know
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