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Route clients via pptp client connection. How?

Fri Feb 08, 2019 7:57 am

This should be simple but I am not having any success.
I formatted the router and plugged in the lan cable and accepted the default configuration mikrotik suggests.

The lan cable coming in from the adsl modem into port 1 on the mikrotik router.

Wireless and internet works.

Now, I want to add a client pptp connection and have all clients use the pptp connection when connected to the mikrotik wireless.
So in essence have all clients go through the pptp which connects fine when added.
Heck, I can do ping to from pptp and it works. From winbox ping tool.

But how to get the users to route via the pptp connection on bridge which has wlan and port 2 and the rest.

In the pptp client under username I have selected add default route. Still, the users are not going through the pptp connection.

If there's a step by step tutorial that would be helpful.

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