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Impact of running out of storage (CCR) - Packet loss

Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:57 am


I wanted to share and ask for input on this matter as I didn't see any information in another thread.

I had an issue with a CCR1072 recently where I was getting 5-25% packet loss. I thought I had CPU issues and upgraded my switch from US-16-XG to Nexus 3548 to no avail.

I then found that after I recently partitioned the CCR into 2 that it had less than 300Kb left. I then repartitioned back to 1 and packet loss was gone!

I should also mention that the repartitioning was not smooth and needed NetInstall to recover from a boot loop!

Has anyone experienced this? Has anyone picked up any other symptomes I might have missed?
I'm trying to understand how disk space (not memory) could cause packet loss...

Thanks for reading, hope someone finds this interesting our helpful someday.

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