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problems with vlan

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 2:49 am
by lanvoice
I have a mikrotik ccr1072 with 100 vlan ports to serve customers on layer 2 and each vlan I add a / 30 the problem that I started to notice was that from the client I observed packet loss and low capacity when testing the speed, Each vlan has a queue.

Example: on the port 2 I have the vlan from 3000 to 3100 I go to the client who has the vlan 3010 I do the speed test and it does not limit as it should be, I pass the vlan 3010 to a mikrotik port that does not have any vlan configured and in doing this, the speed assigned to it gives me correctly.

I was looking for information about this but I did not have the opportunity to find anything, sorry for my English.