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pptp server on public subnet

Wed Feb 13, 2019 11:44 pm

At first: I am still learning networking stuff. My question is maybe a little bit stuppied but I can't figure out what is the problem.

I try to create a pptp server for vpn connection. With my setup I use now, I can connect to vpn when I am on the local network. But if I try to connect from outside my local network. Connection failed.

My setup:
ISP Fiber -> fritzboz -> miktrotik r2011 series
My public subnet:
fritzbox ip: (fritzbox does nothing else as connection to ISP and two different mikrotik routers. (only one do I use, the other is from my neighbour).
Mikrotik gateway:

What I did:

I used this tutorial for setup. I did exactly the same. Only used other IP addresses.

I think the problem is that the gateway from mikrotik is .234 and fritzbox is .233.
I used .234 as server address on the client. That didn't work. Also I tried .233 but does also not work.
When the client is on the local network. There is no problem with connecting.

Is the problem indeed the subnet? And do I have to do some NAT. And what? If not what can than be the problem?

Thanks for helping mee out!

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