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CRS125->CRS326 Upgrade - validate requirements

Fri Feb 15, 2019 8:24 am

Looking to upgrade my CRS125-24G-1S to a Mikrotik CRS326-24G-2S+RM, but need to ensure, that what i want to achieve is possible in regards to hw offload, bridge vlans, hybrid ports etc.
Anything to note on the below which could be an issue?

The following will be connected:
4x1gb, LACP, 9k jumbo, no vlan
Possibly upgrade to 10g later on

- Server
2x 1gb, LACP, 9k jumbo, multiple vlan (hybrid, access+trunk with multiple vlans)
1x 10gb, used for mirroring traffic from multiple interfaces on switch

- other devices
Gbit, Pvlan, multiple vlan on select ports (hybrid, access+trunk with multiple vlans), 9k jumbo on select interfaces

- Router
4x1gb multiple vlan (hybrid, access+trunk with multiple vlans), 9k jumbo on select interfaces

Other features:
- Total isolation of WAN interface group
No vlans
To support multiple routers (have several public IPs)
Used for port mirroring WAN-side I/O from router(s)
No internal traffic, messages, leaks etc. at all to leave interfaces from this group, only traffic between ports in the group

- mirror
2 mirror groups (have that in my current crs125, so I expect that crs326 also have that, correct me if I'm wrong).
Internal, multiple 1gbit interfaces to 1x10g
External, 1xgbit to 1xgbit
Any limitations of mirroring from/to specific ports? (eg port 1-4 mirrored to 25 and 22 mirrored to 24)
This is in regards to:
Note that mirror-target port has to belong to same switch ... s_switches

- Netflow

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