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Upgrade fails if .npk for other platforms are present

Mon Feb 25, 2019 4:32 pm

If I remember correctly, some time ago it was possible to upload to CAPsMAN router all needed packages for APs and router itself. After restart router was upgraded and all APs too, if "suggest same version" upgrade policy was enabled.
Now, if there are additional .npk files uploaded RouterOS upgrade fails wit error. I.e., on tile router I uploaded routeros-tile-6.42.12 and routeros-mipsbe-6.42.12 packages, after reboot no upgrade and error "system,error can not install routeros-mipsbe-6.42.12: it is not made for tile, but for mips". So, I should upgrade CAPsMAN first then upload additional packages to upgrade APs.
I wonder Is this bug or feature? Perhaps it is possible to change this behavior back?

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