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Cant write/see internal disc anymore 1100AHx4

Sat Mar 23, 2019 8:39 am

Hello from Graz, Austria

I use my 1100AHx4 since 3 month. But since the last "stable 6.44.1" update it happens 2 times that it cant write to the internal disc anymore.
In that case if i use the "File" function i cant see any files on the internal disc. It shows the correct remaining space but no files at all.
Altough the router has still wan/lan functionality my script which writes the puplic IP to the internal disc is not working anymore.

After reboot eveything is ok and the internal disc is useable and all files are visible.

This never happens before the last update.

Is that just coincidence or does the internal disk have a problem?

Thank you,

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