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Static IPv6 subnet over PPPoE with radius

Sat Mar 23, 2019 10:32 pm

Hi, We have been having trying to assign customers IPv6 prefixes through a rad reply from an external radius server.
We currently assign IPv4 addresses by passing the router "Framed-IP-Address". We have tried both "Framed-IPv6-Address" and "Framed-IPv6-Prefix" and none of them have done assigned an IPv6 address to the client. We also tried creating a separate profile for the client and passing the "Mikrotik-Group" with the name of the profile and having a pool setup in that profile but to no avail.
We can see a link-local address on both routers which is pingable.
From what I see online it looks like assigning an IPv6 address/prefix is impossible with PPP through PPPoE on Mikrotik. Is this the case? or are we going about this the wrong way? All routers involved are upgraded to v6.44.

Thanks in advance.

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