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RB2011 PPTP Client cannot connect

Thu Mar 28, 2019 8:24 pm

Hello All!

I've finally managed to move to RB2011 from CRS10, but one issue still remained.

I have PPTP VPN server on my MT, so I can access my office and datacenter remotely. Basically - in my DC there's good old RB750 which has a site-to-site PPTP tunnel configured to my RB2011 and I also connect from my laptop to my RB2011. Works flawlessly. But... I wan't to set-up a PPTP Client FROM my RB2011 to my customer's site, so I can e.g. configure my Customer's server in my office to be ready just to plug&play it in my Customer's DC. But, whenever I try to set-up a vpn client it says "Could not resolve host" (if I'll use a hostname) or "Connection timed out" (if I'll use an IP address). The first one is wierd as I'm able to do a ping from my MT to hostname and it resolves the address properly, and the second one... tells me nothing. I've checked on my Customer's server's logs but there's nothing in it.

I have two Customer's with this issue. One has a PPTP server on another RB2011 and the other one has a RRAS service running on Windows Server 2012R2.

Please help, as I don't know what to do next.... :(

Log says:
pptp-xxx: initializing
pptp-xxx: connecting
pptp-xxx: terminating - could not connect - timed out
pptp-xxx: disconnected

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