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CAPsMAN and multiple CAPs

Sat Mar 30, 2019 3:06 am

Hi there,
I want to build a network with hAP ac as a CAPsMANager and I want to connect 10 hAP ac lites using ethernet cables to it. For the last few days I was watching tutorials, presentations from MUM, reading manuals and this forum, they were very helpful but I cannot find the information on how to connect more than 4 CAPs to hAP ac. hAP ac has only 4 available ethernet ports for CAPs - how can I connect remaining 6 CAPs to it? I suspect I have at least 3 options here:
  • some switch configuration?
  • maybe I can connect CAP to another CAP via ethernet cable and it will find CAPsMAN?
The problem is now I have to buy some devices and I don't want to buy so much hardware without the plan.

How can I connect 10 CAPs to 1 CAPsMAN?

If you want to help me - thank you. But please try to tell me something more than "use switch", e.g. "buy this switch,, connect your CAPsMAN device to 1st port, when you will connect CAPs to the switch, they will find the CAPsMAN device automatically".

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