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dial-on-demand and /ipv6 settings accept-router-advertisements

Sat Mar 30, 2019 5:53 pm

I wonder what might be the relation between those two settings, apparently fully unrelated but I have a number of on-demand connection here that stopped to work as soon as I changed the setting from the default value of "yes-if-forwarding-disabled" to "yes", and started working again when I went back.

The behaviour was like this:
15:38:11 l2tp,ppp,info mylink: terminating... - link inactive 
15:38:11 l2tp,ppp,info mylink: disconnected 
15:38:11 l2tp,ppp,info mylink: initializing... 
15:38:11 l2tp,ppp,info mylink: waiting for packets... 
15:38:11 l2tp,ppp,info mylink: connecting... 
instead of
15:38:35 l2tp,ppp,info mylink: initializing... 
15:38:35 l2tp,ppp,info mylink: waiting for packets... 
... -> here I pinged a host there...
15:46:13 l2tp,ppp,info mylink: connecting... 
15:46:18 l2tp,ppp,info mylink: authenticated 
15:46:18 l2tp,ppp,info mylink: connected 
I can only guess that ipv6 sends router solicitations proactively when it is ready to accept router advertisements, but I'm not sure if
  • it should do it instead of patiently waiting
  • if this is the case, I guess dial-on-demand ppp links should filter them for unconnected links, as it fully defeats the purpose of dial-on-demand
I'd say it is a bug. On the other hand I'm quite happy that dial-on-demand links get triggered by ipv6 activity, which I had already found in some vpn connections that had ipv6.

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