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6.44.1 stats totaly not accurate

Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:00 am

the problems we havingL

Our WISP network uses only Mikrotik equipment, i am totaly not happy for thje last 2 years....

we having on every Mantbox directly an SFP with glasfiber 300Meters away to a RB2011 (also not happy!)

when we taking the interface of the bridge and see the data use in the Mantbox it says +- 20Mb

when we look at the stats of the interface on the RB2011 yes its the same.

Do we turnon the LCD with stats on only the bridge interface then i have already a diffrence of 100%

When i take a look in my Glasfiber IPS modem i use over 200Mb

Thats for us a big problem, no we can not trust on Mikrotik.

(BTW the RB2011 is as a router with a failover)
the RB2011 will use 100% CPU is you make an download test and thats also wird it go up till 300Mb (we having 600Mb)

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