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Copper SFP S-RJ01 and CCR-1016-12S-1S+ not working together

Thu Apr 04, 2019 2:30 am

Hello All,

So I have a couple CCR-1016-12S-1S+ switches in service and they seem to work fine using the S-RJ01 Mikrotik branded copper SFPs. However, I went to swap out one of these switches with one brand new in the box and used the Copper SFP that Mikrotik supplied with it and it will not work.

Not only does it not work, but the ones that are in the existing switch don't work in this new one. When I say they don't work, I mean in full auto, they work at 1G FD. However if I set them to auto-negotiation off and set the speed to anything 10M, 100M or 1G full or Half duplex, they do not work. This is a problem as I have to links that require manual 100M FD for the port. Since they work on the other chassis and not this one and both are running the exact same firmware and Software version (6.43.7), I can only assume that the issue is on the switch. Has anyone had this issue and/or know how to resolve? Keep in mind that these are Mikrotik SFPs. Not SO or FS or any others. And the SFPs work fine in other chassis of the exact same model and firmware/software version.
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Re: Copper SFP S-RJ01 and CCR-1016-12S-1S+ not working together

Fri Aug 16, 2019 11:07 pm

I have a similar problem with running a S-RJ01 in a CCR1016. If I connect the interface to a 100Mbs network the router's interface locks up and no longer communicates with the connected network. A reboot is the only way to resolve this until it is used again.

If I connect the interface to a 1Gbs network, the router functions normally.

ROS 6.44.5 and 6.43.16 both show the same issue.

Interestingly, if I force the interface too 100FD, it shows a link without any cable attached. I have tried this using about 5 different interfaces.

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