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hAP (mini/lite) Wifi issues (not enough memory)?

Fri Apr 19, 2019 6:00 pm

I deploy hap lite or hap minis to all our new internet installs to use as a soho router. We have done this for well over a year but recently I just received 3 customers calling about internet dropouts.

We use the Dude to monitor our remote access to the router and we are not dropping connection to the WAN port of the router. Talking to the clients it seems they are all periodically disconnecting from the wifi which caused their service to of course drop.

However I cannot find a root cause for this issue at all and the only common thing I found with these 3 routers is that when I tried to update the FW (the are all on earlier versions of 6.4x) via the /system packages Download/Install the router is telling me it cannot download as there is not enough disk space even though there is around 8MB or more space open.

I then manually download the file to a flash drive and then copy it to the /file section of the router where it copied fine. I then performed a reboot to install the FW update. However after reboot the FW did not update and the .npk file was still showing on the router.

Could this be an indication of an attack or vunerability? Is the flash memory going bad? Could this be a side effect of whatever is causing the wifi dropouts?

I was able to "fix" 2 of the 3 routers by performing a remote "reset to defaults". After I was able to successfully upgrade the FW. However I have not heard back from the clients yet to see if fixed their wifi issues.

One one of them (hap mini) I reset to defaults but I still cannot update the FW. I either won't download or if it downloads it will not install the update after a reboot.
Attached is the one that will not upgrade.
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Re: hAP (mini/lite) Wifi issues (not enough memory)?

Fri Apr 19, 2019 9:24 pm

I have similar issue with hAP AC after I upgraded my home internet speed to 200mbps,
it seems like the CPU is the bottleneck and can't handle the flow.
Now I upgraded to hap AC^2, the problem is gone.
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Re: hAP (mini/lite) Wifi issues (not enough memory)?

Sat Apr 20, 2019 10:12 am

i had similar issues with the upgrade. You really need to get rid of anything on the flash to make the update.
As you can see the upgrade only sees 7.2MB free .

I personally stay away from 6.44 at this point in time as to many changes are implemented into this release and i had issues with the dhcp.
6.43.14 is running without issue.
Im also having 200MBit at my home but the hAP is only an access point , so no routing.

Did you ever upgrade the firmware , e.g. the firmware of the motherboard booting the mikrotik OS ? There have been some stability improvements.

And two other topics which made my hAP lite in the past unresponsive. Take away the RSTP protokol from the bridge interface, set it to none. And ensure that for all interface HW offloading is enabled.

You could also monitor the system if possible to see what goes wrong.
[admin@haplite1] > /system resource monitor
     cpu-used: 3%
  free-memory: 6044KiB
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