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Problems with Netinstall

Tue May 14, 2019 2:50 am

We deploy a good amount of HAPaclites, they all get netinstalled to the latest version and a default script applied.

In a normal situation i deploy a whole batch by using the reset switch, hit install, they reboot happily configured and i move on to the next device, half way thru a batch of routers, one refused to reboot and was just stuck after finishing with no link lights on and the power and usr light stuck.

Power cycling does not fix the router its stuck in this state until its factory reset using the button and it comes back with my scripted config.

After this happens i cannot net install anything else until my machine has been rebooted. This has happened to about 6 or so routers now, while other routers seem to netinstall just fine

Netinstall 6.44.3 pushing 6.44.3

Any clues?

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