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Mikrotik & Ubuntu please help

Tue May 14, 2019 1:55 pm

i'll describe my problem clearly

1- i just set up Ubuntu last version
2- My network managed by Mikrotik server
-- i'm the one only have Ubuntu in all network - all use windows
3- To connect to the internet i must login to server ( when i open browser automatically login page appear that happen in VISTA
4- but in UBUNTU ... > when i open firefox i see the title " login page " for just a second and then connect faild
5- the problem is not in ubuntu system
6- the problem is theres some configuration on mikrotik to allow this ubuntu to access
7- the administrator of Mikrotik is someone who dont know anything about mikrotik server he just refer to some books to set up it .. hes idiot
he say "evrything ok the problem in linux system ".. sure dats not right
nothing changed ... i even disabled my firewall ..
and port 80 opened .. theres ping replying ... but always connect faild on browser
Any one have ubuntu clint on mikrotik servet ?

anyone can tell me whats wrong ????
what ? what ? what ? IS WRONG ?
plz reply i'm in real trouble
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Re: Mikrotik & Ubuntu please help

Tue May 14, 2019 5:13 pm

If all the other computers work correctly and yours not go back to Windows. Maybe then you could have some support from the “idiot”. Since you are on Ubuntu with these problems, what do you expect. That we configure Ubuntu for you. I don’t know your Ubuntu setup. I don’t know what you configured and so on... So good luck and maybe there is a willing “ idiot” on a linux forum willing to help..
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Re: Mikrotik & Ubuntu please help

Tue May 14, 2019 6:07 pm

Daru, first of all, what is a mikrotik server? I'm assuming you mean a hotspot router.

Second, as Dude already pointed out, if everyone else connects fine, the problem MUST be on your end, not the server's.

Third, this really sounds like a browser redirection problem. Ask in the Ubuntu forums first. Have you upgraded to the latest version of firefox? Have you tried any other browser? The lastest quantum versions of firefox do act up a bit on some sites. There's a lot to try.

Finally, these are the mikrotik forums and you're not the admin of the router. Instead of calling the admin an idiot, you could've asked nicely and perhaps he would've lend you a hand to try to work out the problem together. And if you identified a problem with the router's config, then we would really be in a position to help you. But you've not provided us with anything to go on!

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