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CAPsMAN drops all CAPs

Mon May 20, 2019 2:57 am

Site setup RB3011, 12 AP - 10mANT, 1 Omnitik, and 1 Rb-groove on wired and wireless network. 60 - 70 hap AC lite connect to mANTs on the 5ghz wireless up-link

CAPsMAN drops all mANTs they all quickly reconnect.
Even the mANTS that are directly connect to a tough-switch that is directly attached to the RB3011 get dropped.
I will be getting them to plug one of the mANT directly into the rb3011 port 10(POE)

This setup has been working great up-till now. Last couple days (the long weekend) and raining out so everyone is watching their streaming services.

No CPU spikes barley hit 10%
Traffic 30 - 90 Mbps

Interesting the bridge interface seems to be double the Wan interface?
FW basic setting
no mangle rules configured at this point.

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