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Looking for VLAN/VRF config advice

Sun May 26, 2019 1:29 am

I'm evaluating the CRS3xx to see if it's suitable for a VRF-lite network.

The simplified topology is this:
  • VRF1 (VLAN 100)
  • VRF2 (VLAN 200)
  • VRF3 (VLAN 300)
  • The MT is the gateway for each VLAN's clients
  • Some ports on the MT are access ports for each VLAN
    • e.g., ether1 pvid=100, ether2 pvid=200, ether3 pvid=300
  • Some ports on the MT are trunks carrying more than one VLAN
    • e.g., ether10 tagged=100,200,300
So far I've tried a few things with no luck:
  • One bridge, all interfaces in the bridge
    • Connectivity works, but VRFs are not respected
  • Per-VRF bridge
    • Could only bridge one VRF to a port, so the trunks didn't work
  • Per-interface bridge
    • Couldn't get VLANs bridged across different interfaces
How exactly do I configure this, or is it even supported by the platform?

Device: CRS328-24P-4S+ / RouterOS 6.43.5

A few notes:
  • This is a Proof of Concept, the topology has been simplified as much as possible for testing purposes
  • This would be going into a live environment
    • No MPLS on the rest of the network
    • "Don't use VRFs" is also not an option :)

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