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Tiny Map Lite, can't get an access via single ETH port.

Sun May 26, 2019 1:55 pm

Hello everyone,
There's a brand new tiny Map Lite which FW was updated to v. 6.44.3 via wifi connection (fortunately it was working by default).
No doubts. It's highly useful stuff.
A device at default state is not accessible via wifi connection. It's understable. No problem
However, a device doesn't react via single ETH port at all, while using freshest WinBOX config software.
I'm not sure if it's normal behave and normal programming way.
So, my question is: Is it OK when after putting an device at default state, an end user is deprived of any accesss to device?
Did you really not leave any way to get an access to device?

thanks in advance!

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