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Bonding 2 WANs problem

Sun Jun 02, 2019 3:00 am

I have 2 ISPs one of them is PPPoE. Lets say I make eth1 and eth2 my WANs, I connect both ISPs, now in my interfaces I have eth1-5 and "PPPoE client". That "PPPoE client" is showing up as interface everywhere, in firewall, in upnp, in queue, BUT when go to bonding it only shows eth1-5 as slave options. So I cant pick "PPPoE client" and if I just pick eth1 and eth2 then my "PPPoE client" disconnects saying its running on a slave interface. So how can I make "PPPoE client" show up in bonding options or how can I make PPPoE work on a bonded slave interface?
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Re: Bonding 2 WANs problem

Mon Jun 03, 2019 5:02 pm

Good morning friend, I recommend a brief reading of the wiki.
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Re: Bonding 2 WANs problem

Mon Jun 03, 2019 6:23 pm

Just a little bit more input after @IPATEAM has posted the correct link to give you more information about bonding. It looks like you would not really want bonded interfaces but some kind of loadbalancing.

First: There is a little misunderstanding out there about having multiple uplinks on one router. Its not possible to just "bond" those two lines together and get one big uplink in return. But you are able to either load-balance your connections over those two ISPs or use one as primary and the second as fallback if there are any errors on line 1. The following wiki article will help you to understand that a little bit better:

In your situation i would try to learn about the dis-/advantages of Failover (Article 2.1) and ECMP (Article 2.3) and decide for one of those. If you have any problems with the configuration dont hesitate to ask. But read the wiki article first ;-)

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