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/ip cloud [ddns], VPN and Winbox access

Fri Jun 07, 2019 6:45 pm

Best Greetings for All of You!

I have some problems with the setup of my device, wich is an RB750G, firmware 6.44.3;

- ether1 (WAN1) ADSL modem PPPoE with fix IP from the ISProvider;
- - bridge1: ether2, ether3 (without pool addresses, all client has fix ip);
- ether4 (WAN2) DHCP client, address from an optical modem/router (IP from router DHCP,;
- - bridge2: ether5 (pool;
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I would like to know the external IP on the optical connection. It is OK with the linux "curl" command from a PC on the bridge2, but maybe there is another way too with RouterOS. (fetch command?, but how to redirect to ether4 from ether1)
On the ether1 the "/ip cloud" works, but it's information is irrelevant. (fix ip)
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I have build the OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec servers with different pools ( on OpenVPN, and on the other VPN). The connection works good on both VPN's, on the same time too, but I dont see the bridge2 pool's clients. The clients on the bridge1 are all visible. (ssh, MS rdp, http, https ...)
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If I know the external address on the optical modem/router, the access - such WinBOX, or the VPN access - from the ether4/internet does not working. Filter rules (8291, 1194, 500, 1701, 4500) are OK. I think. On the bridge2's loop there is a Net DVR, and the access to this device is fine on the adjusted port (port forwarded).

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