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Bug in v6.44.3

Mon Jun 10, 2019 2:59 pm

Hi all,
I used to use ssh connection to many Mikrotik devices, and then make a ssh tunneling to access internal resources, like SQL servers, Terminal servers, etc. It is nice for temporally connections behind remote router/firewall. Actually I have a few routers, updated to v6.44.3. I successfully connect to them via ssh client Putty. I make the ssh tunneling settings in Putty, for example - local port 4000 to be forwarded to remote internal address, and than i run remote desktop client and connect to localhost:4000, actually connecting to remote internal address,
but when I try to connect to internal server connection drops and Putty says "Fatal error. Strange packet received: type 82".
I try with other ssh client, which support tunnels and it works with version of ROS 6.44.0, when I upgrade ROS to current - 6.44.3 - no more tunnels.

Best wishes!

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