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Push remote route through ppp

Mon Jun 10, 2019 4:41 pm

Hello, so as of now is there any way to push the static route to my subnet through ppp connection (l2tp to be specific) or does it still require doing so manually on client's PC? And if so, what is the solution on android devices?

My local network:
My VPN network:

I know I can have my local network, and then having my VPN pool to be set as (for example) tricks my Network Adapter to add route going through VPN, but currently I can't change my LAN network, so it's not the solution.

I want to uncheck using remote gateway, so all the traffic goes through client's internet (though I would want that to be set unchecked by default, but this is not possible as far as I know), and I want my client to communicate with network. Any ideas?

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