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PoE-Cut-Off randomly

Posted: Sun Jun 16, 2019 2:26 pm
by RcRaCk2k
Hi guys,

i have a PowerBox Pro mounted outside on the tower. The PowerBox Pro is powered via ETHER-1 POE-IN.

There is a Rocket-M5 connected on ether-4 and a PowerBeam M5 connected on ether-5.
Both devices will be powered via the PowerBox Pro.

The both APs are rebooting randomly at the same time. PoE-Priority is 10 for M5 and 1 for PBE. So if there is a issue with the power-feed M5 should be disconnected first. But in my case both devices are rebooting at the same time.


There is no information in the logs. If ROS will power-cycle a port, or will disable poe on a particular port, this will be logged, right?
What can cause this isse if there is no information in the logs?