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CRS317 VLAN Bridging

Fri Jun 21, 2019 12:42 pm

Hi All,

We have the following scenario
Hub location - CRS317 and CCR1072. CRS317 Port1 connects to Layer2 tunnel providers router. Port2 Connects to Port1 CCR1072. P2P Provider gave us VLAN 1000.
Remote location - CCR1009. Port1 Connects to L2 tunnel provider router.

CCR1072 - Port1 IP :
CCR1009 - Port1 IP :

CRS317 Configuration: Create VLAN1000 on Port1. Bridge Port2 and VLAN1000.

Ping works between and Bandwidth test doesn't work from CCR1072 to CCR1009. Bandwidth test works from CCR1009 to CCR1072. When running a bandwidth test the CPU of CRS217 goes 100%. and test never reaches 300Mbps (the L2 tunnel is 1Gig).

Any way to get wire speeds on CRS317? Don't want to configure VLAN in CCR1072. Looking for termination VLAN at CRS317.


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